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Well first a little bit about us. My wife Karin and I believe in  Our Motto which is:-

                                                                "ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE"


Also Spreading Unconditional Love wherever we can,whenever we can. Together with our son Joshua and cat Suki we are "The Bain Clan".

We also think that being Relaxed is the State we need to be in Most of the time. That is not to be slumped  and Chilled out all the time but being Relaxed and still Totally aware of all things around you. Just look at a cat, It can be totally relaxed one minute and then spring at break neck speed to catch a critter to play with the next.This is how we should be most of the time. Of course a relaxed Body is Intrinsically linked to a Relaxed Mind and of course visa versa. One of our main aims is to help make this world a better place by Making Changes to Ourselves that elevate Us in Mind and Body. Needless to say this is also what Chi-Laxation is All About.


For those who like me are interested in the Healing aspects and indeed Preventative qualities of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, then have a look at  the Scientific Research links near the top of the page.