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    Become what You can Think


    Our Minds are probably the most Powerful Creative Forces in the Physical Universe, so use this Power Wisely The use of the word Making in the Magical sense is just what it says. It is the Creating of One thing from Something very different. The tools and ceremony being used to help focus the Magician's mind on just that. I am always being warned by my Lovely and Wise wife that I should use my Words Carefully and this is indeed true. However, I also remind her that although I sometimes say something, I do not allocate any Power to it. However, for most people it is probably best just to be careful about what they put out there into the Ether. As far as what you can become in life, then there is nothing in theory that is beyond reach. If you spend enough time focussing on One Thing to help it to Manifest itself then I believe anything is possible. A good example is to wake up in a happy frame of mind, you have woken up Breathing so what have you to moan about. When you can see the Joy and Gratitude in All things that you have been sent and realise that they are of Your Making , then Everything is Easy.