All things in Heaven and Earth have been Created by God. This is what I believe and it is often quoted. It said in the Old Testament that God created all the creatures and this is also my belief. I personally have taken this to another level in what I eat but this would not suit all people. The Important thing is to have the Gratitude for One Creature giving up its life for another Creature to continue Living. Another thing one can do is to see how these different creatures live and spend their long or short time here on Earth. I Personally try to live without Killing or hurting other creatures as much as possible. If you dont like sharing your living space with spiders then try and move them elswhere. If you think about it they have just as much right to live in your space as you do. Some religions actually believe that they may come back here after reincarnation as animals so in their case, it should be easier for them to be Kind to other creatures.