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Chi-Laxation is a Blend of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Relaxation techniques that are aimed at Empowering People to Maintain Better Health. To get the maximum benefits from Tai Chi and Chi Kung first one needs to be able to relax. Most people find this a real challenge and don't really understand or indeed Remember how true Relaxation feels. Relaxing the Mind as well as the Body is a pre requisite to Learning  Relaxation and in Chi-Laxation we use various methods, including some Nei Dan Internal Chi-Kung exercises. Some of which have been put into the Public Domain by the very Learned James Macritchie (see external Links).


Chi Kung can be translated as :-

Energy Skill, Cultivating Life Force or Breathing Skill, It is practiced for Maintaining Good Health-Increasing Vitality and enabling a Healthier Life. It can help you become more tranquil and relaxed both in mind and body. It utilises the Breath , to move the Life Force, Chi with Mind through and around the Organs and Meridians of the body . This is achieved  with the use of Mind with a Goal of Achieving Freedom of the Spirit. There are a lot of different types of Chi Kung; some are used for Relaxation and Health, some for Martial arts and of course for Healing .


In Chinese medicine there are basically 2 types of Chi:-
The Chi called Pre Heaven Chi, which is what we are all born with,and what is passed genetically down to us. It is of a fixed quantity and when it runs out Death results.
The Other Type of Chi is called Post Heaven Chi , this we get from our Food , the Air that we Breathe, and indeed our state of Mind and State of Being and of Course exercises such as Tai Chi and Chi Kung. This Chi can supplement our Pre Heaven Chi and allows us to Live a Healthier better and Hopefully Longer life.

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