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    There is a saying "You die if you worry-You die if you don't" well that is true but one thing is for sure if you want to hurry the process of leaving this plane early then get yourself stressed and worry a lot.Worry about why you are not as perfect As Joe Bloggs seems to be or tells everyone he is . Worry about why your Bum looks big in that dress or what you should be eating or smoking or drinking. Don't get me wrong I Am Not saying you should not strive to be a better person, or keep an eye on getting to be too large or thin. I am not saying you should smoke 20 cigs or other things a day. What I am Saying is DO NOT WORRY or get Stressed about these things.What is most important is that if you have some concerns then Address Them and with a Happy and Joyous Heart see how best you can make small changes to start with and maybe bigger changes to follow soon in a time frame that fits in with your nature and way of life.