Links to Various Research into the Healing Benefits Of Tai Chi and Chi Kung



Harvard Medical School Endorses Qigong and Tai Chi


Tai Chi for Health Video - Brigham and Women's Hospital


NHS Networks-Tai Chi & Chi-Kung for rehabilitation


 Ok, so above are just a few of the various links that are out there now some using Scientific research to prove to those who are sceptical what we already know. That is, that the practice of Tai Chi and Chi Kung done correctly over periods of time can and will aid in a person’s Well Being. It can also bolster one’s immune system as well as help posture and balance in all age groups. People who have been practising these Arts for any length of time will have first-hand proof and do not need to have scientific proof. However if we want the GP's in this world to advise people to stop taking medication and do some worthwhile exercise instead for their maladies and also to aid in  the prevention of dis-ease, then this may be of help.The Unfortunate situation today is that when most people are unwell and go to see their GP they expect to leave with a prescription for medication. So, people need to be educated to the fact that there are other ways to get better. An increasing number of professionals are now recommending other forms of treatment, which is a real step forward. The amount of money spent treating Sick People is astronomical, surely the Aim should be as it is in Eastern medicine that is To Keep People Healthy in the first place.


N.B. There is a need at times to take medication when ill, but what I am saying is that there can be other remedies. I am not saying that people should stop taking medication they should only do so after consulting their GP's.

It is also important that anyone unsure if they are fit, enough to do Tai Chi and Chi Kung should first consult their GP.